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Sometimes they can be a little too hard on themselves however working themselves into in a state of stress unnecessarily. For the most part the Virgo tends to be one of the more reserved signs of the zodiac but every now and then when the mood strikes them they have a tendency to let their hair down and go a bit wild.

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Their minds are constantly going and it can lead to them burning themselves out. The Virgo does not go out of their way to start conflict and they are much more of a lover than a fighter by nature.

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Virgo might be a pacifist but if you back them into a corner you better believe that they will stand their ground. Virgos are systematic about things and they like to organize their lives to ensure that everything runs as smooth as possible.

Sexuality and your Zodiac Sign

The Virgo is always working towards building a better future for themselves and their loved ones in one way or another. They're hyper-aware of every detail. Virgo is governed by Mercury, the messenger planet of communication.

Though Mercury also rules Gemini, these two signs are radically different: Gemini is about output and expression, whereas Virgo is about input and processing. A Virgo deals with information like a computer, transforming even the most jumbled set of information into organized, clear concepts.

Top 10 Reasons Why Virgo is the Best Zodiac Sign

Though Virgos long to be meticulous in all pursuits, they must remember that constantly chasing after the ideal can be destructive when applied to self or others. Above all else, Virgos want to help. They are kind, gentle, and supportive friends and lovers who use their incredible intellect and resourcefulness to problem-solve. Virgo's opposite sign, Pisces, offers guidance through spirituality, but Virgos want to assist on a practical level.

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These earth signs are always striving to provide workable solutions and improve broken systems. Methodical, committed, and hardworking, they make excellent teachers, healers, editors, and musicians.

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