Sagittarius born december 6 horoscope

This is the row of attraction where beauty is found as inspiration and motivation for those born on the 6th of December. They are loving, open to interact with people of all religions, colors and shapes, and their lack of judgment easily puts them in the position where idealism blurs the image they have of other people. Seeing everyone as their equal, idealists as they are, they could raise their expectations to levels that cannot be met by others, simply because too much similarity of character is needed for a relationship to endure.

They need a reality check here and there, so they can truly use their incredibly powerful energetic world to connect with others in purity of heart. They are deeply emotional but tend to run from reality, holding on to the microscopic universe where they can be found, separate from the rest of the suffering world. There is a mystique note to these two symbols, opening minds and hearts of those born on this date for unusual things and paths in life. Predicaments come from past experiences, and while they may hold on to their current situation for resolutions, they are more likely to go much further into their bloodline and ways of the world, to find answers for the future.

They wish to see into the future, understand the rhythm of the Universe, but they often do so by taking steps that are too small or inexperienced, sometimes turning to superstition instead of knowledge.

Venus enters Sagittarius

They need a good teacher, someone to guide them, so their contact with Nature can be revived and as powerful as it is meant to be. They have a talent to discover and move with, and something fuzzy or hazy to hold on to when things go sour. Such guidance wants them to remove their pink goggles and see the world for what it truly is, so they can make a difference on the collective level, find Divine Love and their spiritual guides, and help those who need help the most. Searching for love in all possible ways, circling around those who might not deserve them or waiting to be circled around by others, Sagittarius representatives born on the 6th of December have a much larger mission than meets the eye.

Unsure what they are looking for, most of them will simply follow the feel of the moment, but projections that go too far ahead often distance them from the natural course of the relationship. Making the real world prettier than their heart sees it to be, they will do the same with people, especially when they fall in love, and could see those they are involved with as much closer and similar to them than they actually are. They need clear emotional boundaries and their senses heightened, so their feel of the person can become adequate and realistic enough for their relationship to last.

On their quest for the Divine Love, they will find their soulmate once they give into the flow and allow themselves to fall in love with a partner different from them, day after day. A person born on the 6th of December does well in all forms of artistic expression and needs to find their talent to shine. They are singers, pianists and hypnotherapists, all those open to alternative methods and strange solutions.

Laboratory and chemistry experts, they find their path in cosmetics, professional makeup, body art or any form of beautifying and accenting the human body. A good stone for those born on December 6th is epidote. Although it can be a bit unpredictable, affecting different people in different ways, it is a stone that aids balance within relationships in our lives and enriches one with information meant to help on their path to connecting.

It brings more of the same, and aids prosperity, for as long as the person is generous and giving. All forms of impulses into the outer world to help out and give something from the heart will bring progress and energy returned in obvious ways. Sharp sense of humor. Unstable love life. Needs a thrill. An idea person, not a do-er. Disappointing love unions. Unstable emotional life. Loves to travel. A teacher. Gets into a rut easily. Caring and devoted.

Needs challenges, variety and adventures. Cannot stand close relationships. Always on the move. Many secret love affairs. Should not marry. Confused mind and a restless mind. Shameless behavior. The flirt. Needs fun and excitement. A life full of deceptions.

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Abused or abusive. Struggles through life. Needs an intellectual partner. Feels boxed in easily. Challenging relationships at large. Cannot settle. Cannot resist temptations.

December 6 Zodiac Sign

Sloppy at times. Very vocal and a beautiful voice. Many deceptions in love. Needs experiences. Loves to party. Outerly nonchalant.

December 6th Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality - Sagittarius - Part 2

Hardworking for the money. Successful fiancially. Takes on too much. Fears rejection. Disappointed love unions. Cannot settle down. Loves sex talk. Work partnerships. Stable relationships later in life.

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

A powerful mind. A natural leader. Needs an active partner. Needs pleasure. Falls in love with ideals. Quite calm. Many interests.

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Career-minded and ambitious. Needs variety. Tends to overdo. Needs time alone. Cannot stand details and daily realities. Destructive love relationships. Addictive behavior. Extremely restless. The maverick. Easily bored. Loves physical movements e. A heavy smoker. May have phobies. Intense inner life. Challenging love affairs. Low profile.

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An optimist. Can be wealthy. Accumulates wealth. The outer appearance is of the utmost importance. Strongly sexed. Abusive or abused.

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Multiple marriages possible. Obsessive-compulsive behavior. Progressive and unique. Mentally very restless. Needs lots of changes. Difficult self-assessments. Inflexible mentally. A trend-setter. Goes with the flow. Needs an unconventional partner.

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Questionable relationships. Needs to learn to be honest in matters of love.