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These people view life as a chance to explore learn, and they use their full potential to investigate the truth of life. People born with Dhanus Lagna Sagittarius Ascendant are the most creative beings on the earth.

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They are able to find the hidden omens in nature through their intuition. Liveliness can sometimes bring carelessness in their nature. People with Dhanus Lagna Sagittarius Ascendant try to find a specific belief system for their lives. Once they get this belief system with their extreme efforts, they want to introduce and teach this system to other as well. They may want others to follow their belief system, and their attitude may become problematic for others who are in disagreement with their belief system.

The natives belongs to the Sagittarius Ascendant require independence which frequently leads them into roaming life style. They are the best if they have an alteration of surroundings. Even their life partner will understand it and they will do the same. Normally they are not so much attached with the mundane things. They like to see everyone surrounding them have a good luck and time.

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They are fond of parties. Naturally he people of the Sagittarius Ascendant prefer relaxed relationship to have a serious relationship. They may seem very superficial if they do not meet the right partner. One of the most clear and appealing facts of the Sagittarius Ascendant is their keenness to maintain their sense of humor.

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Even when they are in wretched condition they maintain their humour in their life. They enjoy whatever they have. They are very supportive. They may be useful at encouraging people.

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People belong to the Sagittarius Ascendant looks confident, though some people may feel that they are immature. Sagittarius Ascendants are talkative though they have many things to offer. Their cheerfulness leads them a happy life. It may prove irritating to some of their pals.

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They are generally wise and versatile in their character. They are born learner and they keep learning till they die. They recognize that letting go and moving past things are an essential part of gaining fortune, knowledge and truth.

Transit MOON in Aspects to Natal SATURN

Ruling the 8th house the Moon is a temporal neutral. The gentle Moon is unable to bring about as much crisis as other planets ruling the 8th house and thus Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra states that the Moon as 8th lord is not harmful. This is completely so in the event that the Moon is bright and thereby a benefic, in which case she gives growth after changes. As a dark, malefic Moon, however, the Moon may cause difficult and painful breaks and unexpected loses, but ones that are generally easy to let go of, since the Moon is quick to renew and heal. Mars, as the 5th and 12th lord, provides a natural capacity for self-learning.

The mentality is active and imaginative, but logical. This gives great tactical and mechanical abilities. Ruling the house of spiritual practices and the house of liberation, Mars is a planet of asceticism and secluded spiritual efforts. Mars gives mental power and the knowledge of how to resolve an issue. Due to ruling the 5th house, Mars is a temporal benefic for the Sagittarius native and gives intelligence. As a natural malefic Mars may cause some conflicts with regards to what they know due to a lack of tact or patience. Mercury, as 7th and 10th lord, gives a natural capacity for productive partnerships, particularly business partnerships. With this lordship Mercury inclines one to desire a marriage that supports their career, or one that gives status. Mercury also gives public success, status, and the ability for public speaking.

Professions may well involve others. Mercury also balances work and play. Jupiter, being a benefic ruling the 4th house of happiness and the 1st house of personality, gives a jovial, optimistic personality. Jupiter gives a need for some purpose to their existence in order for the native to be happy.

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Jupiter gives a strong affinity with their homeland, making them patriots of the finest sort. There is also a strong identification with the mother, with whom there is generally some shared ideals and beliefs.

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  • Esoterically, Jupiter is the vehicle of the body, used for the spiritual journey. Venus, as the ruler of the 6th and 11th houses, gives the Sagittarius native a tendency to become increasingly proud of their success. Venus ruling these houses may also cause overindulgence in the good things their hard work has earned them.