Virgo horoscope for december 15

If Today is Your Birthday

Reason with them instead. While your significant other will have multiple brushes with the romantic, thoughtful, giving and spontaneous Leo, some of your friends shall be at the receiving end of your rude, egotistical and indifferent side.

Try accepting criticisms every once in a while and you will actually be the pleasure you think you are around people. Is it fussy? You would probably create a fuss at being called that but do you really have a tendency to kick up a storm over trivial things?

Virgo, December 2017

Professionally, you could have a big decision at your hands but make sure you think long and hard before taking one. Try switching up your diet by adding some healthier alternatives to it today. Tip of the day : An uncharacteristically clumsy day for you Virgo. Avoid the impulse to juggle fragile objects if you can. You have been attempting to address it but nothing seems to have made an impact so thoughts of giving up might cloud your judgement today Libra. It is certainly better than making things worst. You have unsuspectingly achieved something after being written off by this person s , but being presented with a perfect opportunity to gloat, it would be wise if you choose not to.

Perhaps your favorite food, or curling up on the sofa and watching your favorite film, or both? Tip of the day : You will be longing to spend some time with your partner today but may not get the opportunity to do it so why not plan a much more elaborate date for the week?

Try not overcompensating for it by going slightly overboard on other aspects of your life like food or alcohol today.

Try eliminating this angst through an intense workout session that might release some endorphins and help you feel just a bit better. Tip of the day : When it comes to technology, you are expected to have an inexplicably difficult day that will leave you astonished. Feeling uncharacteristically mischievous today for some reason, you are buzzing with positive energy today.

If Today is Your Birthday

It will be evident how people will feel attracted to you on this day and you will enjoy every minute of it. Tip of the day : An impromptu meeting with a long-lost friend could give you a nostalgic hit of bittersweet memories so watch out for a familiar face in the crowd. You will be itching to burst into spontaneous activity today Aquarius, and as the days pass, this desire will only seem to be getting stronger. This change of attitude regarding health and fitness is being brought about by the Cancer full moon making its way to your sixth house. Try harnessing this energy to meet all your deadlines and getting your affairs in order before getting started on realizing those New Year resolutions early.

You could feel inclined to make a generous donation to a cause you believe in but make sure you do your research first.

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Tip of the day : You are in for an exhausting day tomorrow so make sure you catch your eight hours tonight. That trademark Pisces sensitivity will earn you a few positive compliments too, and some admiration to accompany it. Tip of the day : Avoid being a daredevil and injuring yourself today. The Debate. Breaking News.

Since this sign rules the digestive system, your Virgo may need a special diet or be a bit of a finicky eater. Creatures of habit, these babies do best with a set routine and schedule. No need to OD on the loud mobiles and pictures of bunnies and duckies on the wall. Virgos are neat freaks and will prefer simple surroundings without a lot of distractions.

Compatibility of Sun Signs

Play soft soothing music and decorate in whites. Ruled by communication planet Mercury, many Virgos read or speak early. Give them lots of books and puzzles to play with. While they may look innocent, they may develop a mischievous streak as they get bigger. Distract them with crafts and model kits.

Working with their hands can absorb them for hours.