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Sujatha Sudheendra who is known in the world of Psychology for more than a decade. He has been training many mental health professionals from couple of years as the branch head and faculty for Institute for Psychotherapy and Management Sciences, Mumbai. Dr Gitanjali Sharma is a renowned life coach, counsellor, motivational speaker, dynamic and mystic presenter. She is involved in not only marriage counselling, but also into spiritual psychology.

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Positive Psychology with Spirituality is combined by her, giving a mystical approach to counselling. She is also well trained in Gemology, and she is a Diamond Grader. She as a different approach to counselling, hence her talks and sessions are very interesting. Her clinic offers various services like Child and teenage Counselling, de-addiction, Gem Healing, Chakra Kriya, Spiritual Counselling, Meditation and of course, marriage counselling.

Dr Nisha Khanna is a well established psychologist, and has several feathers in her hat. She is not only a marriage counsellor, but also treats people with mood disorders, OCD, anger problems and eating disorders among many more. In addition to psychology, she is also interested in astrology and yoga and meditation, and holds certificates in the same. With some extremely high profile and elite clientele, it is quite evident that her services are more than just satisfactory.

She is sure to give you some of the best quality counselling out there. She has been trained internationally, and has a vast knowledge on how to deal with various clients. In addition to english and hindi, she can speak punjabi as well. Her reviews also mention how friendly she is and has a great rapport with her clients. Worked with an NGO for blinds helping individuals, couples and families to cope with psychological problems. Friendly, patient, insightful and calm- these are the words used to describe Dr Priyanka in all her reviews. She is a well qualified counsellor who does not only marriage and relationship counselling, but also works with dyslexic children, adolescents and in career guidance.

Priyanka Srivastava is extremely versatile and is good at all the services she provide. And in addition to counselling, she also conducts tests for career aptitude, IQ, EQ, etc. She uses her vast experience to help her patients and they have positive feedback about her style of counselling. Dr Vikas Khanna is a counselling psychologist- but he is not just that. His clients have greatly appreciated his politeness and his talent for explaining their condition in a proper manner.

His methods of approaching a problem is simple, and he is known to not load patients up with tablets, unlike many doctors in recent times. The most experienced doctor in the list with nearly 40 years experience, Dr Sunil Mittal has dealt with a vast array of cases. He is a psychiatrist who does just about any type of counselling and provides treatment to an array of mental illnesses and disorders.

His clients have said that he is truly the best as he has solved many cases that other doctors have not been able to solve. He provides comprehensive treatment, studying the effects of the body on the mind and vice versa. Sunil Mittal has been presented with several awards from the Government, and has sat as a chair in several prestigious conferences and seminars. Iyengar B. Gupta B.

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