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Such relationships are often tempestuous, but almost always have a magnetic quality to them which is hard to resist. Sun signs which share the same element tend to get along famously as friends, but they are also among the most successful of romantic partnerships too. These differences keep you as lovers involved, engaged and excited with one another, while the similarities help you avoid the melt downs that can occur with more dramatic partnerships. In terms of longevity, these same element partnerships are some of the surest bets.

These relationships are very, very tricky for all kinds of reasons. On the plus side, these couples are always surprising each other — but not necessarily in a good way.

Having said all that — never forget that astrological relationships are much more complicated than Sun sign compatibility alone. In my experience sidereal astrology is much less concerned with your own psychological perception of the world and instead is outcome oriented. Because of this, sidereal is uniquely equipped to examine mundane astrological events like world trends and politics, the larger trajectory of your life, and is superior in some ways at forecasting.

The lunar traditions in Vedic astrology are the ones that fascinate me most of all, since lunar astrology predates solar astrology by thousands of years. You could if you find you resonate with them. Tell her to look into that. So apparently tropical was made about 2, years ago. They split things into equal sections to make it simpler, and also to align things neatly with the seasons.

Sidereal is the older version, and bases its stuff on where the consolations actual are. The assignment of which sign covers what dates is updated with the passing of time. Seriously most of the stuff in the Ophiuchus tag is hating on the idea of it being a sign.

They just have a few differences in them because one belief system went one way, and the other focuses on something different. If you are a tropical Taurus sun for example like me you might actually be an Aries in sidereal!

Free Will & Astrology Aren’t Good Friends

Sidereal is the preferred system for astrologers doing predictive work and I personally find it to be more accurate in some ways. Thus, I do either, the choice is yours! All of my placements move, apart from my moon. I like and appreciate Sagittarius people and can see that part of me where I have those traits. But my mars moving from Scorpio to Libra, my jupiter moving from Gemini to Taurus, my saturn moving from Taurus to Aries and my north node moving from Cancer to Gemini are all really difficult for me to feel happy about.

That got me thinking, are the placements I felt uncomfortable at the change of the ones that I misunderstand and delude myself about the most? I definitely idealise my Scorpio mars, when in reality my Aries moon is so agressive it almost taints by ability to recognise my Scorpio mars. I used tropical because it was what I knew and what I was comfortable with. I would literally have to reconsider how I identify myself at least as far as astrology is concerned.

I would have to reconsider how I interpret my chart, how that effects my relationships to other people, my goals, and my talents. I would have to significantly change how I think about myself, my capabilities, and my habits. I identify very strongly as a Scorpio, and it would take a lot to re-think of myself as a Libra with a Gemini Moon!

It will probably work just fine otherwise. My mars in cancer needs to stop being such a little bitch; I need to stop being so apologetic of my opinions and how they come across.

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Fuck that noise. I asked Zuzanna for her opinion on the matter:. I personally experience it addressing both arenas, so I feel it is what paradigm folks predominantly live in. If they are comfortably with Tropical and they have found it works for them, great. Call me Blue! I need to be more assertive and less passive aggressive, honestly. But you know what? A lot. Would someone explain to me whether tropical or sidereal astrology is more accurate or logical? We can talk about where the planets are, and just normal astro stuff but from the pov of sidereal. The signs that show up most frequently in my birth chart are Pisces and Sagittarius.

Not sure what that means. Sappy and emotional and too high of expectations? Too many people I personally know not act like their supposed zodiac signs or do only superficially, but when you lift your prejudice and examine people closely you see otherwise. Though they tend to be practical in their thinking some are ambitious, others not.

They tend to be rather kind, warm, and empathetic. Perhaps these are the only people that supposedly match their zodiac signs.

The ones I know like arts and crafts a lot and not the office or legal work astrologers seem to imply. They tend to be very smart but take life way too seriously and are too hard on themselves. Most are reserved, introspective, and honorable. Some are rather vain. None are frivolous or superficial. They are warm, kind, thoughtful, but vulnerable.

Some are even aggressive and judgmental. Often they are sensitive and pessimistic. They tend to be more scientific and analytical than emotional. Please contact me to apply or let me know if you have questions. Note : The sessions are now filled. Thanks for all those who applied. After some deliberation over the recent zodiac shift and the associated public backlash , I decided that it is time to break up with astrology.

Whether you side with the traditional paradigm or the new layout, I now see too many holes to ignore it. For the traditionalists, this shift has been recognized by Vedic and sidereal astrology and their calculations of astrological aspects have adjusted over time. Traditional Western astrology, however, has remained stale on the assumption that our course in the cosmos is on rails. We wobble, we tilt, we swerve on our axis like any student driver, and keeping up with that requires more math than the average newspaper astrologer is willing to devote to his or her craft.

Look up the shift and you will probably find a sea of Twitter feeds either fretting over what their new sign means, or else digging their heels into their former sign and talking smack about their new sign probably due to some strategically placed tattoo ink. These people seem to be under the assumption that their personality will experience a whiplash-like shift, when in truth this shift has been occurring slowly for centuries or longer. The shift is merely being recognized now, not administered. If you act a certain way, and you believe that it is due to your sign, any change of sign name will not change the tenants behind which you base your behavior.

A rose by any other name will stay as delusional. For these reasons I am starting the long, slow, complicated process of breaking up with astrology. Yesterday, I spent eight hours analyzing my solar return and progressions and then dreamt about the real meaning of transiting Moon foreground in my solar return but when I woke up I forgot what the dream meant except that it was the meaning of Moon foreground. Vedic astrology uses the sidereal zodiac, which tracks the current positions of the constellations in the sky.

Another difference is that the rising and moon signs are considered to be as important or more important than the sun sign. Typically they are shifted one sign back. Forgive me if this is silly to ask. Is Uranus considered to be in Taurus right now by sidereal astrologers, or just by tropical astrologers? I think maybe for sidereal, Uranus entered Aries in February. I wanted to check. For most it will be one of the most exciting celestial events of their lifetime. A lunar eclipse always occurs about 2 weeks before or after a solar eclipse. On some occasions, a lunar eclipse can be both preceded and followed by a solar eclipse.

Astrologically, eclipses mostly affect the large scale, that is, they affect countries where they occur and those running them. That is why eclipses usually have a negative effect. The orb on an eclipse point should be kept very tight, one or two degrees at most. It will definitely impact him strongly in the coming months and years. To put the eclipse in an astrological predictive nutshell, any persons with regal status by office or actual royalty are in store for some major life changes in the next few years.

Aside from being just a conjunction of the Sun and the Moon, this eclipse event is actually a complex astrological puzzle with a number of astro players that plug into it. The eclipse takes place in the Nakshatra Lunar Mansion of Magha. Magha is ruled by Ketu and as such there is a sudden and unexpected element to the effects of this eclipse. Magha is also ruled by the Pitris, or the ancestors, and is the place of the throne and connects its energy to the past and the passing of power and possessions to the next generation.

From a throne a king can help the people, but also a king has to fight to retain his throne and power. A throne is also is place of intrigue and battle capable of causing destruction and death. They place great emphasis on prediction. Are you sufficiently open-minded to consider the possibility that you are a member of an unfamiliar Sun sign, at least for a short time?

Who knows? You may prefer your Sidereal sign and choose to focus upon it. The typical Aquarian seldom gets lost in a crowd. There is usually something special that makes members of this Air sign stand out as true individualists. Independent and intellectual, you have a probing mind that seeks as much knowledge as it can possible gather.

When you become intrigued by a subject, you pursue all avenues to collect information about it.

The Sun in Sidereal Astrology

Every party should have at least one Aquarian guest to keep the atmosphere scintillating. Uranus gives you an electrifying wit. You have a deep understanding of, and feeling for humanity. It is far easier for you to identify with the masses than with one person. You are able to use your great personal magnetism to influence any group you join. If positive aspects dominate your birth chart, to are indefatigable, working on projects for hours and hours without slowing down.

Initiating relationships can be a challenge for Aquarius natives. It moves like a dancer of infinite imagination. Imagine your word would not be just a word as it is, with some but relatively small consequences in most cases. Imagine your word had divine creative power within itself. Through Taurus we look at a future time in our evolution in which this will become true. Our word will become the means of forming our creative forces outwards into the world. The view of that future can inspire us to find our right way towards it, to prepare for it by cultivating the quality and strength of our word, of our expressions in general and thus also of ourselves.

We have a lot to learn before our expression can become a part of the creative word of divinity.

Diving meditatively into the quality of the sunlight gives us a stronger connection to this process during this periode of time in which the beings of Taurus send their energy through the depths of the sun's warmth and light. Especially in the early yet silent and innocent morning they are speaking quite clearly. This kind of meditative approach to the Sidereal Zodiac is said to come from Christian Rosenkreutz. The ram in nature has two wondrous horns, somehow spiraling inward and outward at the same time.

It is as if the ram was drawing this energy through his horns into his heart, into his whole inner being. At the same time, the ram in nature has an incredible earthly strength, courage and readiness to fight. Not only will he stand his ground but he will also attack with a ferocity, that leaves no doubt that he appreciates the value of a good fight and will give every ounce of his power in order to win.

The energies of the sidereal "fish" bring us qualities that are at home in the past, at the very beginning of our world. The energies of the sidereal ram on the other hand prepare qualities, which will be fully in place in the far future, when our evolutionary cycle will reach its completion. This combination of concrete action in time and tranquil rest in an infinite affirmation of life, we gain it through the whole process of incarnating in the many cultures that have been and are still to come throughout history.

The polarity will be held together by the human heart, that finally will be about to complete its journey towards freedom and freely given love.

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The suggested meditation is to open up for the quality of light around dawn. The ideas above might give a direction, while perceiving the unique nuance "the ram" is giving to the light of the sun. This way of approaching the zodiac is said to come from Christian Rosenkreutz. Fish are a lot like the element they live in. Their bodies are pliable. They have skin covered with scales reminding us of the surface of water when it is touched by the wind.

Even the way their skin reflects light can remind us of the wondrous effects that appear where light meets water, and there is movement between the related elements of water and air. Fish do not carry their offspring inside themselves but let it trustfully mature within the water element, which is connected to the wholeness of water on the planet.

No other being seems to be so little separated from the element it belongs to like the fish. But at the same time they are distinct living beings with will power, their own way of understanding and with by the lack of lungs somewhat restraint but none the less real emotions. Imagine our whole planetary system in a state that is similar — swimming within divinity, denser than its surroundings but still very alike… physical, while on the other hand totally mirroring the divine.

Imagine this as a first state of existence, which will evolve towards the state of our world now, with its high density and its high degree of differentiation. The theme of the sidereal Pisces is the beginning of all beginnings, the birth of the physical world out of the divine, the transition from a pre-logical state beyond time and space to a world of time and space, helt together by laws, that appear within us as the idea of the world containing all smaller ideas within its interconnected whole, permeating the world of perception.

Let your soul dive into this holy mystery each morning during this period of the Pisces, who unfold their divine energies behind the sun, who takes them in, translates them and sends them towards us. Aquarius, the water-carrier has his starfield behind the sun from the 16th of February to the 11th of March. Meditating on the quality of the suns light in the morning we can open up to the energies Aquarius wants to give us, talking to us through the gate of the sun, and we can send our appreciative love towards Aquarius and the principle of life he is governing.

There was a period in very old times when life was touching the physical world for the first time and began to be incorporated as a new universal principle into our world. The tides may be an outer sign for it, the fact that the air pressure has two minima and two maxima in the course of one day might be connected to it, but the basic phenomenon is the plants' rythm between times with little or no water and times with a lot of water, between unfolding and maturation.

Western and Vedic Sidereal Astrology Readings Free Guide!

The energies of the water-carrier organize the water into a healthy rythmic pattern. From there we can transfer the principle to other areas: The rythm of being awake and asleep, of work and rest, of being together and being alone, of taking in impressions and digest and integrate them a. The cosmic aquarius is the carrier of cosmic life energy, like a gardener on earth brings the water as a carrier of earthly life energy. The original abundance of all kinds of biotopes is an expression of the Water-Carrier's art of creating synergetic life by balancing all kinds of qualities in a rythmically structured whole.

We can get a lot of inspiration and support from this kind of living wisdom and power, and we can give something back by looking at how these healing rythms take effect in the world and permeating what we see with our gratitude, love and affirming power. This is best done in a meditative effort around dawn. The stars that really are behind the Sun in our days are — as widely known — not those which our usual astrological dates indicate. That is so because western astrology has held on to a position of the stars which was real in the first centuries and which is ideally attuned with the seasons in the northern hemisphere, and also - you get valid horoscopes that way.

Eastern astrology on the other hand includes often the fact that the stars behind the Sun are very slowly changing their relationship to the seasons. Some have tried to use the western signs in a way that includes this very slow process of change.

Draconic Sidereal Chart

The following considerations are made on the basis of inspirations Rudolf Steiner received from Christian Rosenkreutz. In these inspirations Earth's evolution and the development of a complete human being with individualized body, soul and spirit are seen as interconnected. The Capricorn is here not seen as an abstract twelfth of the whole circle. There can be deep wisdom in the eyes of animals, but it is given, not conquered in an individualized process, leading from not understanding to understanding.

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There are deep feelings in animal souls, sometimes even compassion, but it doesn't seem to be dependent on inner maturation and it seems to undergo relatively little change. There are huge powers of will at work within the animal kingdom, but the will of the individual animal is to a very high degree bound into its species, unless an animal develops a strong relationship to a human being and absorbs the human will into its own. Build your own meditation around this, preferably around the time of sunrise, imagining the qualities of "the Capricorn" as potent within the sunlight while actually feeling the light of the Sun, which "the Capricorn" is backing.

It will connect you to these qualities and allow the angels to use them to strengthen the soul quality inside you and to teach you how to use it for your own and the world's best. In ancient times under the influence of the beings and energies of the centaur the human being found for the first time it's upright position, like each single human being does now towards the end of its first year. Instead we enter the vertical energies, which, although the stars are all around us, make us able to function as a link between the World of the Stars and the center of the Earth, with a certain independence from both of them, which gives us a close relatedness to the energies of dawn and dusk.

It also allows us the use of our arms and hands in a way impossible in an animal state of being, a way that might well be called the foundation of all genuine human work and civilization. That does not make the animal spirits less evolved then us. We are talking about the evolution of the vessel, the body. Animals and humans have parted ways at earlier stages, but the animal spirits are just as human as we are and often wiser because they haven't descended so deeply into there bodies.

The gesture of Sagitarius is not the upright position, but the way there: The force of liberation, of overcoming gravity, of becoming able to live with a new equilibrium standing on Earth only with our rather delicate two feet.