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Taking care of the appearance is one of things Cancer man likes in a woman. He is the person of deep emotional needs and fertile imagination. Because of that, he really wants to feel the love and care from his partner clearly. When you two have conflicts, he hopes that you can understand his moods and anxieties. He is the kind of man that will retreat to his shell and come back once feeling safe when being misunderstood. Your love interest is truly emotional; hence, he will get frustrated if staying with a woman who shows no sensitivity towards his feelings and sentiments.

Keep in mind that he yearns to be loved and pampered. Not only Cancer men, but all men admit that a woman is not sexy when she is angry. You must know that your Cancer man is very sensitive — he will instantly retreat into his shell once you show your anger or criticism towards his feelings.

Cancer Man Likes and Dislikes in a Woman - (14 Most Common Traits!)

If you are too difficult to him, he finds it hard to open up to you. If the Cancer male is around a lady who keeps thinking that she is way better than him, he will surely not make the next move. As I already said, Cancer man looks for a woman having a touch of innocence and feminine.

He is quite reserved; thus, a girl who seems to have gone through all ups and downs in life may not arouse his protection instinct. Moreover, he is not a deep person — this leads to the incomprehensibility of his own when his partner shares her point of view passionately. Overall, these are noticeable signs of how to know if a Cancer man is interested in you.

As you probably know, the man discussed here is very passionate and loyal. Because of that, you should not think of taking him for granted or you will never have the heart of a male Cancerian…ever. Making him to notice you may be difficult at first as he is a bit of the introvert type. Nonetheless, love is always worth to try. In general, you can be an independent woman in any where.

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But when being around this sensitive guy, I advise you to show your weak side. He becomes a caretaker and a protector in a romantic relationship, so a damsel in distress will give him the feeling of being needed. Innocence and sweetness of a lady are two vibes that can draw him easily. Additionally, it will be a bonus if you display your vulnerable side to him. Laura started the writing career in and began writing horoscope in Currently, she has joined the United21 for the Horoscope and Love Life categories.

When not doing her work, Laura enjoys all forms of outdoor activities with her husband and two lovely kids. Although every article on Cancer men likes and dislikes say the same thing…I somehow have never seen any of this happen in my case. He acts like every other jerk I have ever come across!! This is just the common traits of Cancer men in general; in reality, if you want to get to know more in-depth things about your Cancer partner, then a lot of elements should be taken into consideration like his moon sign, ascendant, cusp, etc.

Not all Cancerians are the same as it depends on many factors. I agree with you on this… most cancer men I have heard of or seen around me act like complete jerks. They only flirt and butter up women at work places and none of the male superiors. They only consider their own feelings and are barely concerned about how their behavior made you feel. Also I think its a bit irritating to see every other article ask the girl to do most of the work while they sit back and enjoy the care and pampering. Truth is almost all women love to be taken care of and pampered.

Dear Upasana, Thanks for your opinions and I completely understand your point here. But I have to say again that not all Cancerians are the same as it depends on many factors.

Cancer Man Traits and Personality

There are some good Cancers and of course bad Cancers too. How long have you known or dated him? It takes them quite a while to get comfy…but when they do you have the best guy everrrrr. He was in a very sensitive and emotional state at that time because he had lost someone very close to him. I was unaware of the fact but after knowing that I tried being a support but he refused saying he was not my responsibility anymore.

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Yet he showed his care towards me. I want to get him back and clear all the misunderstandings…. How do I do it…. Can I get some help!!! Good luck! I find most of this very true. I am married to a cancer man for 12 years now.

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But when it says he would show his love through actions, this is SO true. He is super romantic and when dating would always send gifts, flowers, do surprises, write poetry.. We also broke up when we were teenagers due to being so young, 15 and 16 years old. We stayed great friends and when I visited him when I was 18, he confessed he was still in love with me.

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Saturn here demands that you take the most sober look at your love life. You must be willing to honestly examine the weak links that you and your partner have found yourselves bound to. Are they repairable, or will this be a year that leads to a final break? Much depends on your free will and your partner's.

As long as both of you are willing to do the work necessary to build or rebuild a genuine foundation and not one made out of quicksand, then you will find this to be a year when you two become known as the couple made of steel. If, however, either you or your partner feels that all the weight in the relationship is unfairly balanced, it's possible that resentment has built to a level that makes you feel this love connection is no longer tenable.

Adding to the severity of this year's relationship potential for you is the fact that the eclipses will fall across your partnership sector throughout the year. A gorgeous new beginning for a relationship commitment or renewal of commitment is possible at the Solar Eclipse in your partnership sector on January 5 and again on December