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Your home and dearest relationships are bound to be your main focus while the sun moves through your fourth house of family life. See your full Aries horoscope for While the sun moves through your third house of communication, your creative energy and social calendar will positively blow up. Try to prioritize on the activities that will strengthen your bonds, Taurus.

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  • Just one passionate conversation could inspire a winning project or partnership. See your full Taurus horoscope for See your full Gemini horoscope for While the sun moves through your sign and first house of self, a burst of energy and confidence has you feeling optimistic, joyful, and alive. This could fuel your drive to pursue professional goals, nurture a relationship, test-run a new fitness plan, get a makeover, express yourself creatively, or all of the above.

    Cancer Horoscope February 18 - March 20 2015

    You deserve it all. See your full Cancer horoscope for See your full Leo horoscope for Think: networking opportunities with colleagues, weekend getaways with friends, parties, volunteering events, and group dates galore.

    Cancer Health & Wellness Horoscope

    Focusing on how you fit into these various groups and how you can boost your personal sense of community has you feeling simultaneously supported and contributing to the greater good. See your full Virgo horoscope for See your full Libra horoscope for You may be surprised by just how beautiful things turn out when you let your heart lead the way. See your full Scorpio horoscope for Part of the process is facing heavy emotions and being vulnerable with someone you care about. As long as it's different, and as long as it's foreign, know you are on the right path.

    These plans will hold opportunities to expand your vision and show you just how much you have yet to understand. November is going to ask you to get in touch with your feelings, Aries.

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    The hidden feelings—those intense emotions you think are not worthy of attention. And with Mercury Retrograde the majority of the month, reflect on how you continue to deny your own experience. It may reveal how this has blocked your ability to get close to others. It's time to make space for and begin to hold your truth, and you may discover who is willing to carry it with you. This November, know that your partners are your mirror.

    They will reflect all the versions of yourself you have had to let go of. And they will show you the person you are becoming.

    Cancer Daily Horoscope

    With Mercury Retrograde the majority of this month, lean into the discomfort of these changing relationships. Build a renewed sense of intimacy by creating a new kind of structure for the relationship, with the necessary boundaries to continue growing side by side. November is your time to get to work, Gemini, on all your goals. It is a month to pick past projects back up and go at them with a renewed sense of purpose. Put one foot in front of the other with these projects, and have faith that it is leading you where you need to go.

    November wants you to have a bit of fun, Cancer. Get in touch with what you love to do when there is no objective in mind. And get in touch with the people who make you feel alive. With Mercury Retrograde the majority of the month, it wants you to remember just how much joy can come from keeping your heart open with no expectations. November is all about the past, Leo. Nostalgia, family, and your roots will come out of your subconscious and into the forefront of your mind.

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    With Mercury Retrograde the majority of the month, keep these revelations and memories to yourself. No need to share what is yours to keep. And what's the purpose of these memories, you ask? To remind you of who you were before you had a plan of you who you wanted to be. Aug Sept November is about your voice, Virgo, and how you would like it to be heard.

    hukusyuu.com/profile/2020-02-01/geklautes-iphone-8-plus-orten.php With Mercury Retrograde the majority of the month, take this time to reflect upon how you have silenced your expression in the past. What would you say to the world if you weren't afraid? November is going to catch you up on your finances, Libra. With Mercury Retrograde the majority of the month, revisiting any outstanding payments, debts, or unsettled loans would benefit you greatly.