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Sun, the Atma Karaka is seated in the Arudha Lagna which gave him worldwide fame. Jupiter's aspect to Lagna and Moon's aspect to Arudha Lagna signify that his reputation will always be protected.

Venus and Mercury placed in a Trine 5th house of Goddess Lakshmi's place signify a great wealth Yoga. Note that Venus and Mercury are both placed 2 nd from AL while Venus is the lord of 3 rd and 10 th house and mercury lords 11 th and 2 nd house, as the two very friendly planets owning important houses in his horoscope placed in 5 th house is all about profession in entertainment field, great gains from the entertainment profession, fortune and wealth created out of an entertainment field.

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Jupiter is the only planet that aspects the 12 th house from AL which tells about his charitable activities in this life. Rajinikanth has been a philanthropist and he was also a hero of the masses due to his noble human qualities. As per reports he donated half of his wealth to charity. Venus, mercury, ketu,Saturn and rahu have sign aspect to the 8 th house from Arudha Lagna while Jupiter has planetary aspect the AL8.


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AL8 tells about the secret support that one would get as well as the secrets of a person different from his public image. He at one point of time admitted that his smoking and drinking habits are cause of his life-threatening illness and urged his fans to quit smoking and drinking.

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