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Just wanted to share. Thanks x 3. Jan 20, 2. Thanks for sharing! I'll give it a try. Jan 20, 3. Jan 20, 4. Thanks op! I already downloaded it and am awaiting a response from a reader lol. I'll post about the results. Jan 20, 5. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk. Jan 20, 6. Jan 20, 7. Thanks OP. Does anyone know how much it cost to ask a second question? Jan 20, 8. Sad x 1. Jan 20, 9. Thanks x 2. Jan 20, I have an iPhone and I downloaded my astrologer and the yodha app.

I asked a question on both a few hours ago and the question I asked on my astrologer was answered. Still waiting on a response from Yodha. He also said that I may not make as much money in the beginning but that it would be a great stepping stone in the future. I just got my reading. I asked about love and the answer basically said at some point I will have to choose between two guys. I feel like a lot of my readings dealing with love say I'll have to choose. But it also says there's someone current that cares for me and is very loyal.

I wish I knew who that was. I asked a question It better not be a "general horoscope" answer Eta: I got a fucking generic ass answer. Jan 21, I just got reply. Everything was strangely accurate. I went for a job question instead of relationship like I wanted. Now I wait. Dear damn baby, if you want to hear about.

I'm doing a little side eye because they called me by the wrong name at first and then called me by my proper name a few hours later, so yeah.

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There's that. Did everyone just download the app?

They told me that they'll respond back in 24 hours. My answer sucked. This fool basically repeated my damn question in a long winded ass way and said I had a "great sun position" :dead:. This app is relied on Krishnamurti paddhati with significators, KP ayanamsa, Ruling planets, Nakshatra nadi coordinates and sub position etc. This app also possesses many more features like panchag, shodashvarga, vimoshottari dasha, daily rashifal and many more.

Try this app now. Daily Horoscope by comitic Android. This app is also one of the best Astrology app Android and is most popular astrology app. This app also provides you daily horoscope for all 12 Zodiac signs on special events. With this app, you can quickly access to your personal astrologer on few clicks anytime and anywhere.

Yodha. Ask a true astrologer!

This app also provides you personalized horoscope, life prediction, monthly and annually prediction, daily prediction, and many more. With this app, you will get the best prediction, zodiac signs horoscope, astrology and love compatibility. This app is very simple to use and will answer your query in few clicks. This app uses knowledge of professional Vedic astrologer from Nepal and it provides quality service to customer.

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In this app, you need to create your profile and fill your birth detail. After this, you can ask your question and this app will answer you with best possible solution.

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It will also provide you kundali based prediction. Co-Star Personalized astrology iPhone. This is another best Astrology app iPhone and will tell you prediction on the basis of your kundali. This app will tell users about planet to planet compatibility and will provide you real time updates as planet move.

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This app also has feature of personality analysis personalized to your complete chart. TimePassages iphone. It is great astrology app for beginners and also for experienced astrologers.


This app lets users to save their profiles along with pictures. It provides daily, weekly, monthly and annual prediction and it contains detailed descriptions of house position for sun and moo in your birth chart. Astro Guru: Horoscope and Palmistry Android. This app is best for astrology and palm reading. It will tell you about your love compatibility and many more and will give you best astrology prediction.

This exclusive app will provide you information related to prediction for all seven days of week. IT also covers all 12 zodiac signs. This app will reveal your fate by deeply studying the interpretation of three major lines of heart, life and head in chiromancy. The heart line will tell you about love, marriage, and friendship while the head line reveals about career, success and wealth.

The life line will tell you about your health and energy.

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This app will also give you results of compatible tests and it has many more features. Kundli Software- Astrology Horoscope Android. This app will read your kundli in detail and will tell you prediction for your future. This app has feature of horoscope matching that is vedic kundali matching which is based on 36 points system.

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