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She regularly presents at dowsing organizations and teaches painting.


Most people exist, that is all. We are the sum of the influence and impact that we have, in our lives, on others. What you think you become. Roxanne Louise is the moderator and will interview Rev. Roxanne Louise is the moderator and will interview Ginette Matacia Lucas 1. November through Dec 7th: Scavenger Hunt: Interested in some fun dowsing practice with immediate confirmation?

Visit your local Cost Plus World Market and go on a scavenger hunt. Look for the Golden Bell, a clue is given for each day. If you find a Golden Bell, then you receive a gift certificate to spend. Wayne can be reached at www. Powerpoint presentation 6 — pm. For more info visit: GeoEngineeringWatch. Sundays in Oct. According to my conviction this is, unjustified. The dowsing rod is a simple instrument which shows the uncanny reaction of the human nervous system to certain factors which are unknown to us at this time.

Roxanne Charlottesville, Virginia, area like Alan works to help people with stress and healing upsetting emotions. Archived talk available in members only section of ASD, visit www. She did however do an advanced course and dowsing on her own property earlier this year. As a professional Dowser for over 40 years, dowsing for water well sites, electromagnetic and geopathic problems in homes and businesses, minerals and personal needs and as designer and developer of Labyrinths, John has become one of the most sought after consultants in these fields.

John has conducted all day workshops, as well as, shorter classes teaching and building mobile labyrinths at 20 different conferences. John can be reached at It cannot be changed without changing our thinking. There can be no mistakes. Nothing is random. Thank You Everyone for your help, prayers and assistance with these fires that have been ongoing since July. We continue to send blessings to all those affected by the fires and to those whose properties have and family members have been affected.

Special thanks to our members for their donations and snacks. These hour long conference calls can be listened to live by anyone, who would like to learn from experienced water dowsers. Susan teaches others to do the same. Not a member? This event is FREE, all are welcome and no pre-registration required. Theme: Intuition into Action. The frequency of every sound works differently on the human body and now a recent study has proved that particular frequency music can heal many kinds of diseases and health-related issues.

This source of wellness information could be helpful for people who would like improve themselves, overcome post traumatic stress disorders, etc. In terms of helping people understand and know each other a little better, music is universal—universal and transporting. You should therefore guide it to create only good. If you cling to a certain thought with dynamic will power, it finally assumes a tangible outward form.

When you are able to employ your will always for constructive purposes, you become the controller of your destiny. Maryse joins her husband Dr. Bob Smith and others. Thank you everyone for your prayers, help, donations, snacks, etc. Submission of questions in advance is encouraged. Email to Roxanne at roxannelouise verizon. Sign up here: www. At the prompt, please enter code or visit www. Jean will also be giving a free talk at the am service at the Unity Churc h. In this workshop, we will be learning new techniques to access the most expansive resource in the universe.

Magic awaits! These hour conference calls are held monthly on the third Monday and can be listened to live by anyone, who would like to learn from experienced water dowsers, and other dowsers who are interested in learning to dowse for water. Or want more time to see the conference? NOTE: The sign up page is a secure page and takes time to load. If you need assistance in signing up, or have ay other questions please email us at radiantmediaaz aol. Stay tuned for the answer next month, August. Rachel is an entrepreneur and keeps our website and social media events up to date.

Rachel learned how to dowse from Premier Research Labs almost a decade ago. Thanks Rachel for all your efforts, and Jeannette for writing and editing. Sharron learned how to dowse in her twenties by determining the sex of a baby. It was the late Walt Woods that exposed her to a more in-depth study of dowsing with wells, energies, and many other things.

Sharry dowsed her first water well, on her property, decades ago, which is still going strong. She has hosted regular dowsing meetings for over three decades in the Oroville area. Where does it lead? Unease, anxiety, tension, stress, worry — all forms of fear — are caused by too much future, and not enough presence. Guilt, regret, resentment, grievances, sadness, bitterness, and all forms of nonforgiveness are caused by too much past, and not enough presence. Learn as if you were to live forever. Carl Bracy was the first instructor to teach me deviceless dowsing. Rub the bottom of your index finger on the top of your thumb nail.

This becomes a quick way to get answers without using tools. I invite you to incorporate more deviceless dowsing on a regular basis. One might want to dowse for the cost of groceries, checking to see who might be calling on the phone, how hydrated one might be, finding a missing object, etc. For new dowsing techniques, or anything new, getting immediate feedback is a positive approach to faster learning and implementation. Another deviceless dowse is to place your middle finger on top of your index nail.

Program your fingers and muscles a yes and no response. This represents a weakness, which indicates a no. I started implementing more deviceless dowsing simply for convenience, and to save time. I was impressed when one of our guest speakers came to visit our Nor Cal Dowsers chapter from out of town. The speaker got lost in the dark and it was late at night. She decided to dowse her way to safety. She dowsed to turn her car around and get back on another freeway.

She followed her dowse to exit Cypress Avenue in Redding, California. Then, dowsed which way to turn to the ideal hotel for the evening. Not only did she get a hotel to stay at, but the price was of high value also! Like any muscle testing the truth can be found. When the body is strong, then our meridian points, energetic fields and muscles remain in a strong position.

Just as when we search and speak truth we gain confidence and strength. When there are partial truths or total untruths then the body becomes weak. Thanks Carl and all the other dowsers who donate their time for many hours and years teaching others. May we all become stronger with speaking, seeing, hearing, sensing and dowsing truth. This is offered every 1st Tues of the month. Join at www. Experienced and Novice Dowsers are welcome. Share dowsing stories, explore questions, and dowse. Bring your L rods or materials to make a pair.

Any questions call: Roxanne and panelists will answer questions as time permits. Five winners in the morning and five winners in the afternoon. For details visit www. The West Coast Dowsing Conference is a summer camp for dowsers and anyone interested in exploring consciousness, among the wisdom of the Redwood trees in beautiful Santa Cruz, California. Stay connected and find out about other dowsing events by signing up for their newsletter. Watch over sixteen dowsing presentations over four days, livestreamed from Santa Cruz, California. All talks can be viewed in real time, and, they will be available for unlimited online viewing for thirty days following the conference, all for one low price!

Schedule to be announced soon. If you need assistance in signing up for the livestream, or have ay other questions please email us radiantmediaaz aol. Their minds will overcome more disciplined and positive. The extremes, right and left, are in the gutters. Nobody on earth can give you either the key or the door to open, except yourself. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Martin Luther King, Jr. Be in a relax, hydrated and fearless state. Ask permission, and inquire as to any possible negative consequence.

Call upon any Heavenly assistance, guides, and any other higher force that might be helpful.

Release any fear based disharmonies within yourself. Check to see if there are any radiation or water veins running under the property, negative entities, sticky chi, curses, disharmonious memory on the walls of the structures, etc. If yes to any of the preceding, then see if it can be corrected by blessing or removal. Listening to, and acting on, your intuition will lead to the greatest success! Release any disharmonies if appropriate. Our minds are very powerful at manifesting things. Consciously place higher vibrational thoughts in all spaces related to you.

If there are negative entities present, then there are a number of ways to release them. The quickest way is to clap hands 1 — 3 times. This helps release dense energy often affiliated with entities. That way your committee could deal with the entities and you would not have to get personally involved with them. One could dowse out how many entities there are. If more than one, on a scale of , what is the energy of the worst entity?

This affords you knowledge with which to strategize. Ask your dowsing system if it can release it or them to the appropriate place. If a no, then ask questions about why that might be. Again, once the entities have been released, if appropriate, then fill the newly created void with love and light. You just need to communicate what is appropriate and healthy for you or your clients dwelling and property. Of course, thank all those who help raise the vibrational frequency of the dwelling and property.

Making an Orgonite Harmonizer, also known as a Chemtrail Buster, can be helpful to our environment on many levels. Nearly every person, except a few, has experienced noticeable positive effects. General observation has been that the unnatural clouds have vanished from the sky for some distance.

For further information contact Jeannette via phone: The Harmonizer was placed in several inches of soil for a period of time. What was observable consistently was a noticeable multi mile radius of no unnatural clouds above the Harmonizer. I feel it does even more than perhaps keep the skies cleaned of chemtrail debris.

I did watch the sky and noticed less cloud cover above my area. My life went through some very significant changes during that time which prompted my mother to move to an independent living facility and my new roommate moving in which freed up my life significantly. Was it circumstance, the planets, the orgonite harmonizer, or just time? I love it!! On Wed. Wayne Pres. BioGeometry uses physical dowsing exclusively to make corrections. Wayne will talk about their system and why it is effective. GeoSafe uses mental dowsing. Also general dowsing techniques and corrections use mental dowsing.

Each dowsing technique has advantages and disadvantages. This will be presented in this talk. If you are interested in having a clear home, business office, or land area, this talk will help you have more choices in how to measure and make corrections. While you can ask questions on the live call, we encourage submission in advance to roxannelouise verizon.

The West Coast Dowsing Conference is a summer camp for dowsers and anyone interested in exploring consciousness, among the wisdom of the Redwood tress in beautiful Santa Cruz, California. Letting go does not create stress. Stress is the thing that changes the body.

Her contact: pnicolino surewest. Always say thank you. The late Carl Bracy and Walt Woods emphasized practice dowsing regularly and write down your questions. Dowsing works best when practicing daily, like learning an instrument or foreign language. This is intended to provide information and support for all levels of dowsers from beginners to advanced.

While you can ask questions on the live call, we encourage you to submit them in advance to roxannelouise verizon. We will answer them as time permits. The recording will be made available within 24 hrs on the Members Only page at www. Sandra will discuss the influence of the Aries New Moon. Sandra Jennings abwon sbcglobal. This call will last approximately one hour.

These conference calls are held monthly on the third Monday and can be listened to live by anyone. This conference call is open to all who would like to learn from experienced water dowsers, and other dowsers who are interested in learning to dowse for water. Live the life you have imagined. International Association of Health Dowsers is an association with qualified health professions that use dowsing in their protocols. This organization is based out of Middlesex, England.

This group is intended to provide information and support for all levels of dowsers from the beginners to advanced. This program is offered on each second Tuesday of the month with experienced dowsers. Sandra will discuss how and where the Pisces New Moon Sat. March 17 will dissolve blockages to the eternal Cosmic sea of spiritual compassion, forgiveness and acceptance.

Moon, Sun, Chiron and Neptune which rules the sign are in Pisces. Chiron, the wounded healer channels awareness of your ability to heal yourself and others using the profound spiritual energy emanating from the Pisces area of the sky. Jupiter entered his Retrograde cycle this week. How this will affect your networking for success? Bring a writing instrument, along with a pendulum, L rods, or just be ready to do a deviceless dowse. Your admission price gives you an entry for drawings for gift baskets. These conference calls are held monthly on the third Monday and hosted by Sharry Hope and can be listened to live by anyone.

This day is when the day and night share equal time. Often the Vernal Equinox is associated with personal self awareness and enlightenment. Cultures around the world and over many thousands of years have celebrate. We will learn of 20 plus abundance blocks.

Through dowsing, we will key in to which ones are affecting us, and rid them at our soul core level, then replace them with beliefs that will attract that which we desire. Find out why that makes us have it LESS. Learn how important gratitude is in the equation of desire and manifestation. What is the difference between abundance and prosperity?

Are your hormones holding you back from living like a king? Considering how much we rely on money, it could be our best friend. Sharon will share theories of prominent teachers as well as her own, and action steps to transform that you can continue to practice at home. And a few tricks to manifesting that The Secret left out!.

Location: Hagan Community Ctr. Stay connected and find out about other dowsing events by signing up for our newsletter. You can get answers to questions you cannot answer rationally. But your accuracy will depend on your level of skill. Anyone can dowse. Almost anyone can master dowsing.

But to master dowsing, you must invest time and effort in learning the skill and practicing it. This is a non-profit community radio. This is a South Node eclipse, an entrenched pattern will be broken. The Aquarius New Moon is ruled by unpredictable Uranus; something will be let go, a new Future path will be revealed! The dark of the Moon traditionally favors intentional work, but this time expect the unexpected. You could receive sudden psychic flashes of brilliance from the Mind of God which is the realm of Uranus. All will receive an Astrological mini-reading and a complimentary birth chart.

Be sure to R. Breaking down yang, earth and dog meanings for in its simplest form follows. Focusing on the external is the essence of Yang energy for , as opposed to internal yin energy of Earth is the most grounding of the five classical ancient Greek elements Earth, air, water, fire, and aetheric and the Chinese elements wood, fire, Earth, metal and water. Dogs are known for their unconditional love, loyalty and raw joy towards play. Finding a balance with projects and sleep towards forward movement brings social and practicality energies of this Yang Earth Dog year.

Sale of books helps with club expenses. You can dowse everything. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. I am not flesh and bones. I am light. The truth is, our angels are always with us. The more we care for the happiness of others, the greater our own sense of well-being becomes. Happy New Year!

We all can feel the shifting energy of their energetic fields when these huge planets change signs or come into significant aspect relationships. Our lives can be altered suddenly and irrevocably. It pays to get a peek at what Saturn and the rest of the planetary powerhouses have in store for YOU. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.

If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation. You know that you are alive. Does anyone have suggestions or comments regarding our meetings and possible improvement? This past year, two of our close dowser friends died, becoming sky-dowsers. I think of these women daily, along with some of our other sky dowsers. Gloria Dodd, Harold McCoy, etc. Thank you. Mary Farley was instrumental with Nor Cal Dowser meetings from the beginning until her passing.

She had a sweet spirit and desire to learn. She was consistently working on self improvement. There are a handful of you who helped her with wellness. She and the West Coast Conference volunteers put on an excellent bi-annual event around the 4th of July weekend. Karen was the heart of the Conference. Karen was a thoughtful and kind person.

She had presented to the Nor Cal Dowsers and was planning on coming back. One of our dowser members lost everything in the Helena fire. He took time to call a few neighbors to alert them to the oncoming fire and the necessity for immediate evacuation. We send love to him and his family, along with all the other fire victims. Your consistent passion and love for dowsing spanning over four decades is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for being a good friend and instructor. Thank you everyone for your participation in sustaining the club for 28 years. This year we may bring back several past speakers as well as new. Dowsing encompasses many fields including: wellness, water, noxious energies, ghost busting, energy work, searching for answers, protection of boundaries, spiritual-awareness, consciousness, locating, etc. Happy Winter Solstice Thursday, December 21st and of course, wishing you and your families a healthy happy holiday season!

The future is promised to no one. Save the Dates: Thurs. Sept 21 st International Peace Day. Also, there will be 2 door prizes for anyone who attends. For more info contact Vicki at Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese system of breathing exercises, body postures, movements, and mental concentration, intended to maintain good health, and control the flow of vital energy.

Location: Davis Place Road, Mt. Shasta City, CA For more information contact Sheila McNickles Dowsing Info: Tues. These 1 st Tues. When they separate, man is no more. Thank you everyone for your help, especially those of you who brought snacks and donations. Thank You www. Save the Dates: Sat. No extra cost, just a blessing for attending.

North end of the Downtown Mall. Any questions call Sandra Contact: Sandra Jennings for more information. Event Schedule: Doors open at 4pm. Members of our group have dowsing specialties which include the following; Dowsing for water, treasure, lost valuables, people, other animals, etc. Clearing negative aspects attendant to properties, organisms, etc.

Diversion of Negative energy, or conversion to positive. We are interested in all things related to wellness, consciousness and awareness. When we think well, we feel good. Understanding is a kind of ecstasy. The purpose of Nor Cal Dowsers is to increase awareness and knowledge, promote health, and explore all aspects of dowsing.

Dowsing often uses tools to access information unacknowledged by the conscious mind. We usually meet monthly, at the Shasta County Library in Redding. Check website for details. Carl V. Bracy and others started this local non-profit dowsing club in as a way of bringing the tools and protocols of dowsing to help each person and their loved ones in their personal growth. We are also a branch of the American Society of Dowsers est.

One of our members, Mary Farley, has passed on June 14, , graduating to the position of sky dowser. She was the longest serving Nor Cal Dowser member, instrumental in conducting and assisting at meetings for many years, up to her passing former NCD president, secretary, treasurer, and hospitality chairperson. Both Mary and her husband, Les, do our conventional mailings. In lieu of flowers, her family suggests making donations to Haven Humane or the Good News Rescue Mission in her memory.

She was a good friend, and great contributor to the Nor Cal Dowsers! She is missed and remembered fondly. Contact: Pat Click Here to view her Bio. Over fifty vendors will be present from Nor Cal Dowsers, astrology, psychics, essential oils, wellness, nutritional supplements, art work, food, live music to hypnotherapy.

Nor Cal Dowsers will have a vendor booth. Pat Delafield will also be there. In this workshop you will learn how to neutralize negative emotions and psychologies keeping you from acquiring and keeping gold. You will gain understanding about the frequency and positive energetic properties of the precious metal. Bring some with you. Shasta areas. Now accepting speaker applications until 15 Jan.

Call ahead to reserve your seat. Pendulums available for purchase at the class. Deviceless Dowsing At our April dowser meeting Barney reviewed deviceless dowsing techniques. Some were familiar to us and others fun to experiment with. Visualize ex. Their health to the doctors. Their money to the bankers. Their rights to the lawyers and politicians. Their kids to the school system. And in so doing have lost their power to control their lives. It is time to use our minds and abilities and take back our power. Hate is too great a burden to bear. Please feel free to bring snacks to share.

Anyone interested in dowsing, fun, and learning is welcome. Everyone can do this. Start with simple questions first. You will be dowsing to see which deck to use and then dowse out your cards for the answer to your question. Above all have fun!!! Click on Open Tues. These conference calls are open to anyone interested in dowsing on the first Tues of the every month.

Please come early to participate!!!!! Susan has developed dowsing protocols and test questions to help you know the source of your dowsed information. Or have trouble making connections with people? Dowsing is an easy way to access your subconscious to find the root cause of things that trouble you. Bring your Soul back into balance using techniques that are easy to learn and always available. Discover your true purpose, and integrate it with your human experience. Easy parking!

Susan is an excellent presenter! Contact: Pat It is not Conscious control of input or output; it is automatic according to our thoughts, beliefs and memories. When we clear those beliefs and memories or change our perceptions, the connections to our High Self are whole and we can then engage our desires to bring fulfillment. There are many areas in our lives that display proof of our understandings. What seems easy for one may be difficult for another, within the same family. Unlike the Christian dialogue that we need to be forgiven by God to enter into Heaven, the Kahunas of ancient times knew that the Supreme God is far greater than we can ever imagine.

In this workshop, I desire to introduce you to your Subconscious Mind. I will provide excerpts from this book, as it is no longer in print. The greatest desire of my life has been to Know God. To know the Power that is creation Itself. No one has diverted my attention from this driving force within me, but many have tried. Dowsing, by pendulum or body response, has paved the way for me to experience energy; increasing, decreasing, starting or stopping the flow.

My discoveries have brought Truth to the forefront and opened the magic of a world unknown to even my visions. Walter Russell has been my chosen mentor. Numbers, Color, Sound are the tools. At the time, I was fearing the dark forces and laid blame on them for my continuous predisposition for accidents and life threatening events.

There is only Love.

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After receiving a Facilitators Certificate for the University of Science and Philosophy in , the world went flat for me. So much to learn and no one to talk to. Self-pity was not a new feeling. The more I learned the less I belonged to the world. But, life had its own path for me to follow. In the scheme of things, eighteen years is not even noticeable. Today, after testing and experimenting with what has been thrown in my path, I feel strong and fearless in light of the New World beginnings of a New Age of Aquarius.

More important than can be known, the Power of the Law of Balanced Interchange. This is a great time to continue eating healing raw organic or at least non-Genetically Modified Organism plants in salad, juice, or blended form. Often times when many of us ingest plant based foods we feel good and alive. If one can digest plant based foods, such as leafy greens, nuts, fruits, and vegetables, in any form, this supplies vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and other compounds which are beneficial to our minds and bodies.

One of my favorite sustaining healing foods is a delicious green drink. Digestion often begins in the mouth. Even if it is liquid, chewing is essential to start the digestive process. If this is the case one can take digestive enzymes, abstain, or eat any other healing plant based foods. My husband and I will sometimes bring to school a variety of raw fruits, nuts, and vegetables for my students.

Sometimes friends will donate some fruits and nuts from their orchards. The kids are usually able to recognize that eating raw healing foods is delicious, easy and often not too expensive. In the beginning, my mason jar of green drink was too alien for the kids, and some adults.

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One way we were able to get the kids excited about making green drinks was having them make their own with lots of fruit, strawberry, banana, grapes, nuts, etc. Of course, some still protested in trying the leafy greens, but at least they made an effort.. Bringing healing foods to school has been a compelling mission. I could see children in pain.

Some basic needs were not being met. At first I would not let the kids eat candy and soda in the class, especially during the five — ten minute break time. I found out the kids often could not get through reading the entire ingredient list during break time and often would be unable to eat their candy or chips until lunch or after school. Then, the idea of dowsing food quickly came to me. With L rods a dowsing tool we could measure the level of energy each food item had before ingesting. First we explained that the L rods are a device to help find things like the energy of food.

And consistently the raw fruits, nuts and veggies measured much higher energy. In class there have been opportunities to use everyday examples for dowsing. Also, if the kids expressed gratitude, then this increased the energy of foods also.

Full text of "Mysteries of the Unknown: Cosmic Connections"

If one prefers using a pendulum. You can ask for assistance from your guides as well. Ask how much energy any food has. If you give thanks to the food, then re-ask how much energy this food has for you. Example, I have water in front of me as I type away. Truth, awareness and love is what I seek on my journey. She is a huge advocate of using charts. She also has regular dowsing meetings in Oroville. The accuracy and specificity in finding answers for personal use and others has been extraordinarily helpful in my dowsing. It is in an area that you can experiment with, just to see what happens.

Nothing ventured nothing gained. Bracy co-founder Nor Cal Dowsers. If this information can save just one life, then it is worth all the effort. Saturday, Mar. Contact: Jeannette norcaldowsers gmail. Hydration is essential to our organisms, which are mostly water! One way to quickly hydrate is my personal favorite way of quickly hydrating is by drinking warm ginger water with a squeeze of lemon. There are a number of healing properties to this combination.

One recipe to make Sole is to use pink Himalayan salt or one could use sea salt that has been sitting in water overnight in a glass jar with either a glass or plastic lid. Add a portion of Sole water to your warm ginger lemon water in a non-metallic beverage container upon rising. Drink the water throughout the day and enjoy. The squeeze of lemon in water has a chemical reaction releasing sodium hydroxide.

A few drops of lemon changes the Ph level in the water to become more alkaline. The lemon water is refreshing and has a delicious taste. Lime could also be used. If one prefers to use electrolytic products, then there are many on the market. My personal favorite is Dr. Ginger has many healing properties and is an excellent anti-bacterial food that has been used for thousands of years.

Ginger helps digestion, nausea, morning sickness, tastes good, etc. One could simply peel off the skin, cut and put in the water being heated. As we know from the late Dr. Negative thoughts, words and sounds such as heavy metal music, hate, Hitler, etc. Thanks Dr.

Emoto for reminding us the importance of awareness and being in a state of gratitude. Healthy consciousness experiments are welcomed. Many are interested in wellness, consciousness and awareness. Open the window in the center of your chest, and let the spirits fly in and out!

Sun, Feb 5 th at p. Donations welcomed. Meets in Community Room at Town Center. Kristin will be doing astrological readings aboard ship. Ports of call include Georgetown, Cozumel and Costa Maya. Check out Dowser Joey Korn Georgia interviews on basic dowsing. Details to come regarding dates, times and locations. Bobbie G is channeling Gregory Readings, last Friday monthly pm. BobbieG22 gmail. When using charts or asking specific questions, you just need to use one L rod or pendulum.

Begin by centering yourself. Breathe, and tap thymus gland. Next step is calibrating yes, no and neutral with dowsing device, e. Focus on known questions. Say thank you. Next, ground out tap dowsing device on surface and go back to neutral for the next question. Perhaps ask an opposite known question. Wait for answer and then say thank you. What reading do you get for yourself? You can ask the dowsing system to make improvement to the appropriate rate and level.

The subconscious will also be working on adjusting and attuning. Mantras… have been used for thousands of years. Instead of saying mantras just once a day, say them ten times each and three times a day. Rosemary Altea in her book You Own The Power suggests stating a personal mantra ten times, three times a day, to achieve the most benefit.

Pain nourishes your courage. You have to fail in order to practice being brave. Not addition. Expo consists of medical services, products, professional, fitness and nutrition. Free Admission. Sun, Jan. Francine has been a Licensed Professional Counselor since She will also teach programing by Melinda.

We will talk about programming the pendulum, reading the percentage chart and practice with food and supplements. When most have accomplished that, we will go on to reading the body and emotions, and then learning to clear stuck emotions. A few pendulums and basic charts will be available for the class to borrow.

Wayne Hoff uses these tools every day in his business. Wayne will go through many of these tools and talk about their advantages and disadvantages. Check his website at www. You can contact Wayne at energymedicinespecialist gmail. This is the year where focused hard work and patience will reap the rewards of goals being achieved. Use time and energy wisely for career and financial investments.

This Yin year is a good time for meditation, solicitude, and harmonious relationships with loved ones. Keep stress levels down with alternative healing therapies, meditation, exercise, eating healing foods, and self-love. Merriment…it is the sunny side of existence.

Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us. Originally copyrighted in Copyright Number Became a popular inspiration in ; maybe needed today. The meeting begins shortly afterwards. Sibley Chart for birth of the U. This should be an exciting. Access free video boadcast. For more info visit: dayofhealing. What emerges may be physical healing, release of pain, emotional clarity, more confidence or spiritual awakening.

During their talk, they will lead experiential demos in various clearing and healing technologies that you can use on your own. WCD seems to always offer a safe, and happy go lucky group of people from around the world that meet for five days of play. Save the date for the next conference summer of Growth demands a temporary surrender of security. Your life tomorrow will be the result of your attitude and decisions you make today. Shasta Hosted by: Caroline Hamlet.

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Please scroll down for yellow highlighted presentation details. Please bring only fully prepared, ready-to-serve foods. There will be limited time to assemble foods, so preparation in advance will be greatly appreciated. E ntrees will be especially welcomed! Thank you to those who have already offered to bring a main dish! In the body of the email , please include your full name, cell phone number, if you use a cell, and your contact preference, voice message or text. Northern Arizona University. Pepsi Ampitheatre. Phoenix Convention Center. Phoenix Public Market.

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Pima Animal Care Center. Pima Community College Downtown Campus. Sheraton Tucson Hotel and Suites. The Loft Cinema. Tohono Chul Gardens, Gallery, and Bistro. Tucson Convention Center.

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Uptown Pubhouse. Wells Fargo Arena. Wild Willy's Cantina. Jonas brothers. Current Month. Sort By:. Event Type :. Event Location:. Event Tag. England Building Aaahh!!! Bookington B. Black Mr. Hyde Dr. Dog Dr. Seuss Dr. Strange dr. Wells H. Lovecraft H. Abrams J. Rowling J. Cain James Patterson James R. Frank Baum L. Henderson M. Scott Peck M. Carey M. Nature Mrs. Dalloway mrs. Crumb R. Nick St.