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In numerology , the number 19 is composed of 5 main themes which consist of:. The number 19 is both a starter and a finisher.

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What a 19 starts and finishes is usually determined by itself rather than by a partnership or group. A person with a birth number of 19 is self-determined, and is primarily self-focused. They may recognize that there is a human need, but what is done about it is usually decided on their own rather than with a consensus. They are also often alone.

⑲ Numerology Number 19. Secrets of your Birthday

Even while working or interacting with others, the self-determination aspect is so strong that they will still feel alone. The number also contains the ideas of drive, independence, self-sufficiency, exploration, compassion, tolerance, enthusiasm, and a powerful initiative. The core essence of the number 19 is self-determinism. This invites individuality, investigation, and creativity. So the basic essence of the number 19 is similar to the number 1.

The big challenge for you as far as your romantic fortunes are concerned is finding the right partner. The upside is that they are everywhere.

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All you need to do is allow yourself to view that exact person as the right one. Once you decide to make that choice, you would be able to settle down with one person. People born on this day are straightforward and detail-oriented. They are often best suited for careers in administration or office management. You are known to be quite passionate. You are also very blunt, and at times confrontational. This is not always bad. In many cases, confrontation is exactly what is needed. People born on this day have no reservations against calling things the way they see it.

They see things based on their honest opinion. This is a good thing in a lot of instances.

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  • However, in certain contexts, if you are too aggressive with your opinion, it can end up blown in your face. While you are a very strong person, and you can project quite a bit of force, a lot of this is due to the fact that you feel that something is missing in your life.

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    You lack some sort of inner kind of need. You then try to project this out in the form of confidence.

    Summary of Personality Types According to Birth Number Meanings

    For the most part it may be true, but sometimes, you come across people that will call you out. Once challenged, you start to doubt yourself and you can easily slip into an emotional downward spiral. Water is your native element.

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